China in 2007 - Part 3


You can see part 2 here. The rest of this post is adapted from a forum post I made at the time:

On Sunday, I went to the Summer Palace. In addition to the historic buildings (many are recreations after most were destroyed by foreign forces in 1860) the large garden and lake areas are popular for locals to picnic or just a place to relax. It’s in the north west of Beijing.

Spacious Pavilion and Seventeen Arch Bridge

The Spacious Pavilion and Seventeen Arch Bridge.

Summer Palace - Lily Pads and Bridge

View across lake at Summer Palace

A view across the lake.

Painted detail Summer Palace

A look up Longevity Hill (Summer Palace)

A look up ‘Longevity Hill’.

Lily pads, walkway, stone lion

There are a series of bridges on a strip of land between two lakes, a feature copied from another famous Chinese garden.

Bridges at Summer Palace

Boat between willows

Huge willow tree

The biggest willow tree I’ve ever seen.

Walking path next to lake at Summer Palace

Stone arch bridge and pedal boat

Faraway pagoda through smog

Pagoda way off in the distance (and a bit of “fog”).

Water lily flower

Bridge with pagoda roof

Tower of Buddhist Incense looking down at 17 arch bridge

Tower of Buddhist Incense

Tower of Buddhist Incense

Looking down from Tower of Buddhist Incense

Views from the walkway below the Tower of Buddhist Incense

Views from the walkway below the Tower of Buddhist Incense.

Down hill from Tower of Buddhist Incense

A look down the other side of the hill.

Looking up hill towards Tower of Buddhist Incense

And a look up.

Ceramic roof details

Stairs at Summer Palace

Suzhou Street

Suzhou Street, kind of like a mini-Venice.

Heading towards the gate

Heading towards the gate.

Stone lion and pagoda roof That’s it!

Had the best cabdriver on the way back to the hotel. It’s not every day you get to experience lane splitting in a Hyundai. Saw the new Olympic stadium off the 4th Ring Road on the way to the hotel, it’s pretty wild looking. Outside looks almost done.

Later during this same trip, I went to the Great Wall which I’ll cover in part 4.